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April 20, 2015

5 Quick Tips on Choosing an Audiologist

Choosing an audiologist/hearing aid specialist can be a difficult decision. Use these quick tips to decide...

November 25, 2014

7 Signs You May Need a New Hearing Aid

Here are seven issues to consider when deciding whether it's time for a new hearing aid.

Dr. Wubben and Hearing Aids

Stephanie discusses getting used to hearing aids and what Stanford Hearing Aids does best. (2:18)

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Why are mail order hearing aids less expensive than others?
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Age 68

The first week I had my hearing aids was not only the single greatest life changing event of my life, what I thought was an excessive cost now became a non issue. My life change was so significant that I wouldn't have given the hearing aids up for twice the cost of what I paid. Hearing Aid Testimonials>>

Age 42

I have recommended Stanford Hearing Aids to my sisters, brothers, mother-in-law and many others. STANFORD HEARING AIDS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO GO!!! Hearing Aid Testimonials>>