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October 27, 2014

Hearing Well in Background Noise

Dr. Courtney M. Campbell from the A&A Hearing Group in Chevy Chase, MD discusses hearing well with background noise...

August 21, 2014

Hearing Checkups

How checkups lead to better hearing. Do you get regular hearing checkups?

Dr. Wubben and Hearing Aids

Stephanie discusses getting used to hearing aids and what Stanford Hearing Aids does best. (2:18)

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Why are mail order hearing aids less expensive than others?
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Age 68

The first week I had my hearing aids was not only the single greatest life changing event of my life, what I thought was an excessive cost now became a non issue. My life change was so significant that I wouldn't have given the hearing aids up for twice the cost of what I paid. Hearing Aid Testimonials>>

Age 42

I have recommended Stanford Hearing Aids to my sisters, brothers, mother-in-law and many others. STANFORD HEARING AIDS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO GO!!! Hearing Aid Testimonials>>